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Boys Program Jobs Available  

Gene Milner, IBCA Website Coordinator gmilner@tds.net


Arsenal Tech BV open   3/27/24

Attica BV open (3/30/24)

Austin BV open 3/7/24

Blackford BV open  3/26/24

Beech Grove BV open  3/19/24

Delphi BV open  4/2/24

Eastbrook BV open 3/10/24

Frankfort BV open  4/15/24

Jennings County BV open   4/3/24

Kankakee Valley BV open  4/13/24

North Central(Farmersburg) BV  Description   Posting   3/15/24  CLOSED 

North White BV open   4/10/24

Madison BV open  3/15/24

Martinsville BV open   3/28/24

Mitchell BV open   3/28/24

South Central(Eliz) Head JV/Var Ast  4/5/24

Southern Wells BV open 3/22/24

Tell City BV open  3/8/24

Terre Haute South BV open  4/3/24

Victory College Prep BV open  3/6/24

Waldron BV (per IHSAA Listing) 3/2/24  CLOSED

West Washington BV open  4/3/24

Whiting BV (per IHSAA Listing) 2/23/2024



Girls Program Jobs Available  

Gene Milner, IBCA Website Coordinator gmilner@tds.net


Argos GV open 3/1/24

Bedford North Lawrence GV open (3/5/24)

Chesterton GV open 2/10/24

Churubusco GV open   3/25/24

Clay City GV open Click for link to Clay City website

Eastbrook GV open 3/1/24

Eastern Hancock GV open  3/22/24

Floyd Central GV open 3/14/24  Pamphlet   Roster   Team

FW Dwenger GV open 2/27/24

Hamilton Heights GV open 2/27/24 CLOSED 

Lebanon GV open  2/10/24 CLOSED 

Michigan City GV open  4/13/24

Mt. Vernon (Posey) GV open 3/6/24

North Putnam GV  open 2/19/24

Providence GV open 3/13/24

River Forest GV open   4/2/24

Seeger GV open   4/9/24

Southern Wells GV open  4/2/24

Taylor GV open 3/22/24

Valparaiso GV open   3/25/24

Zionsville GV open  3/12/24