IBCA Constitution


CONSTITUTION (ORIGINAL 1970; amended September 2022)


Section 1. The purpose of this organization shall be:

  1. To develop greater unity and fellowship among all members.
  2. To foster a closer working relationship with the IHSAA and other state and national athletic organizations.
  3. To foster higher standards of professional proficiency and ethics.


Section 1. This organization shall be known as INDIANA BASKETBALL COACHES ASSOCIATION.

Section 2. The principal office of this organization shall be in the city where the Executive Director resides.

Section 3. The business year shall be from August 1 to July 31.


Section 1. There shall be two classes of membership. The classes shall be “active” and “associate.”

Section 2. Active membership shall be restricted to coaches in Indiana who are actively engaged in basketball coaching of school teams.

Section 3. Associate membership shall be available to individuals who are: actively engaged in coaching basketball at the university, college or junior college level; former coaches; officials; friends of high school basketball; or coaches from other states.

Section 4. The following privileges shall be reserved for Varsity Head Coaches who are active members: holding an Association office on an elective basis or on the Board of Directors, voting on items concerning the Association, and the honor of being selected for Association awards and honors.

Section 5. The Executive Board of Directors shall determine membership dues. The dues may be adjusted by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board of Directors; effective on August 1of any year.


Section 1. Elected officers of this Association shall serve the three-year terms starting the first day of August. They may not serve two consecutive terms in the same office.

Section 2. The Executive Director, Associate Executive Director and the President will appoint, with the approval of the IBCA Board of Directors, individuals to serve as Assistant Directors when needed. 

Section 3. The Executive Director shall conduct elections. All head coaches will receive ballots in January. Active head coach members will vote for District Representatives by acclamation.

Section 4. The Board of Directors will nominate one candidate to run for President-Elect. The nominee must have been a member of the Board of Directors at one time. All active member head coaches will vote by acclamation. After serving three years in the President-Elect position, the individual will ascend to the Presidency with Board approval.

Section 5. A vacancy shall exist in an office if an elected official leaves the coaching profession or moves from the state of Indiana. The vacancy shall be filled by a candidate selected by the Executive Director with the approval of two-thirds of the Executive Board of Directors. Approval may be obtained by mail if so desired by the Executive Director. If a member of the Executive Board leaves the coaching profession, he/she has the choice of stepping down from his/her position immediately or finishing the remaining years of his/her term.

Section 6. Suspension of any school or individual from the Indiana High School Athletic Association automatically carries a similar suspension and reinstatement of said individuals in this Association, with the exception of the Executive Director. The Executive Director may not be involved in coaching in his/her school, and therefore, he/she should not be held responsible for the actions of coaches in his/her school system. In the event of suspension of an officer, the office shall remain open until the end of the business year and if said individual is reinstated by the Indiana High School Association, he/she will automatically resume his/her official duties.

Section 7. The President shall serve as Master of Ceremonies at all Association gatherings. They shall also preside at Board of Director meetings. His/her office automatically qualifies him/her for membership on the Board of Directors as a regular member.

Section 8. The President-Elect, in absence or ability of the President to perform his/her duties, shall perform the duties normally assumed by the President.

Section 9. One of the Assistant Directors shall keep minutes of all business meetings, including the Board of Director meetings.

Section 10. The office of Past President shall have a term of one year. The office shall be vacant for the following two years.


Section 1. The Executive Director shall be selected by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 2. The term of office shall be for one year starting August 1 of each year. The term of office shall be considered renewed unless notice of dismissal is given to the Executive Director on or before June 1 of a given year. In such an event, the Executive Director shall transfer all correspondence and records to his successor on or before July 1.

Section 3. The Executive Director shall be the chief executive officer and shall have the power to act, as he/she deems necessary in matters pertaining to the Association when a situation not covered in the Constitution or By-law develops.

Section 4. The Executive Director may enter into discussion at all meetings but is not empowered to vote on any issue.

Section 5. The Executive Director shall have the following duties:

  1. Organize meetings.
  2. Collect fees and dues and place these in a selected depository. Keep an accurate record of all funds. Render a full and audited report to the Board of Directors at its meetings.
  3. Notify members of all regular meetings and be empowered to call special meetings pertaining to matters that he/she feels cannot be handled by mail.
  4. Organize the annual Coaching Clinic in accordance with the By-laws.
  5. Organize and conduct an annual boys’ and girls’ Showcase Event.
  6. Have charge of necessary printing and publications of the Association.
  7. Appoint committees or administrative assistants whenever he/she feels it is necessary to properly conduct the affairs of the Association. The above-mentioned personnel must currently be, or have been in the past, involved in coaching basketball at any level.

Section 6. A surety company, at the expense of the Association, shall bond the Executive Director for an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 7. It shall be the duty of the Executive Director to arrange for a bond on any personnel who might be delegated to handle Association money. The bond shall be paid for by the Association and shall be equal to the bond of the Executive Director. The above-mentioned personnel must currently be, or have been in the past, involved in coaching basketball on any level.

Section 8. The Executive Director may purchase, in the name of the Association, all necessary clerical supplies for proper functioning of the Association. The amount of money disbursed for this purpose shall not be limited, but the Executive Director is encouraged to be cognizant of the current balance in the Association fund.

Section 9. The Executive Director shall receive a salary equivalent to $650 per month in the first year, $850 per month in the second year and every month thereafter. The salary is payable quarterly. The salary may be adjusted by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.

Section 10. The Executive Director shall control all expenditures for conducting affairs of the Association, and his/her expenses shall be reimbursed by the Association. The Executive Director shall have the travel allowance that is allowed by the Internal Revenue Service.


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of at least eight Executive Board Members and 18 District Representatives. The Executive Board shall consist of the Executive Director, the Associate Executive Director, the President, the President-Elect, the Past President, the Director of Special Projects, the Media Specialist, the Indiana All-Star Games Director and the Assistant Directors. The Executive Director and the Associate Executive Director shall have no voting privileges. All other members of the Board of Directors have voting privileges.

Section 2. The term of office for the nine Boys Directors and nine Girls Directors shall be three years each, and he/she may not succeed himself/herself to a full term in the same office. 

Section 3. The names of the Boys Directors and Girls Directors shall be determined by their seniority in office. The Director who is scheduled to leave office first shall be known as the Senior Director. The Junior Director shall be the Director who has the most time remaining in his tenure of office.

Section 4. The Junior and Senior Directors from each District shall nominate an Active Member to replace the Senior Director by January 1 of each year. Directors will be elected by the membership’s head coaches of the given district. The voting results will be announced in April.

Section 5. Vacancies shall be filled by a nomination from the remaining Directors.

Section 6. A quorum requires that 10 members of the Board of Directors be present before official business may be conducted. Absent members may vote by mail or by proxy. Mail vote must be received before said meeting.

Section 7. The Executive Director shall serve as chairman of the Board of Directors meetings. The President shall be chairman in the absence of the Executive Director.

Section 8. Definition of the term “two-thirds vote” as used in the Constitution and By-laws shall mean two-thirds of the members who vote on a specific issue.


Section 1. The Executive Board may amend the Constitution and By-laws by a two-thirds vote to approve by the Board of Directors.