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IBCA Benefits

  • Utilize members-only IBCA website to stay abreast of issues related to our profession.
  • $2 million liability insurance for active high school, junior high and elementary coaches.
  • Become active and have ownership in the IBCA and IHSAA working relationship.
  • Utilize free job-placement service.
  • Receive IBCA newsletter.
  • Be elected to the Board of Directors or be appointed to a committee.
  • Be selected as a District Coach of the Year.
  • Receive an award at the IBCA Spring Clinic.
  • Receive college credit for Spring Clinic attendance.
  • Be selected as a Spring Clinic speaker and grow professionally by hearing other successful coaches speak.
  • Nominate a player, student manager, statistician or cheerleader for one of the IBCA Marion Crawley Memorial Scholarship or Pat Aikman Scholarship college financial grants.
  • Nominate a handicapped student for a Junior Mannies Scholarship Grant funded by the IBCA.
  • Nominate your player for Academic All-State.
  • Nominate players for the Top 100 Underclass Boys’ or Girls’ Showcases.
    Be eligible to become an Indiana All-Star Coach.
  • Be eligible to be selected to coach at one of the Top 100 Showcases.
    Become more professional by joining your professional association.
    Free admission to the IBCA/IHSAA Showcases.
  • Free admission to the All-Star Shootout events.
  • Promote your players through the IBCA/Subway Player of the Week program.
  • Discounted membership when joining the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame as an Active Coach.
  • NABC (National Association of Basketball Coaches) offers a reduced membership rate for High School Coaches. Usual rate of $80 can be reduced to only $40 per year for IBCA Members. Click For Complete Membership Information at NABC Website
  • Discount tickets to the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star Games.
  • Promote your players through the IBCA Player of the Week Program.
  • Nominate players for IBCA/Point Guard College "Heart of a Champion" Award.
  • Nominate coaching peers for IBCA/Point Guard College "Transformational Coach" Award.
  • Nominate an assistant coach for IBCA Assistant Coach of the Year.


$35 Per Coach Before 12/31/2022

$45 Per Coach After 1/1/2023

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Your Perfect Coaching Aide

New this season! As seen on NBATV!

Engaging Curriculum for your Team

Solutions That Save You
Time & Money

Motivation & Engagement Insights

Practice Management

NHSBCA Coach Resources App


Your Perfect Coaching Aide

New for the 2021 season, participating NHSBCA members will get the same revolutionary in-game and film session coaching app used by NBA Head Coaches this past season!

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Personalized & Individualized Instruction

Explain your strategies with resources that cater to the needs of individual learners by providing guidance and flexibility in their learning process and
accelerating their athletic growth.

Individualized Learning

Solutions That Save You Time & Money

Our platform of integrated apps are included with your State Coaches Association annual membership dues. Save money without needing multiple software subscriptions, and enjoy time saving features such as predictive play animations that you cannot get anywhere else!


Digital Whiteboard

Drawing plays in a huddle or meeting? Use these modes to make it easy for people to follow along!


Understand Your Player's Mindset

Collect emotional health feedback from every coach while logging workouts and other sessions with your team. The added situational context provides shared facts to reach better outcomes through collaboration and mutual understanding.

Session Tracker 3 Phones v3

Maximize Impact of Your Practices

Wonder the last time a drill was run or when a player and coach worked together? Answer those questions with certainty. Used by NBA coaching staffs and designed to be as fast and simple as possible to log sessions, yet also be 100% customizable.

Practice Management

For HS Coaches,
By HS Coaches

The NHSBCA Resources app is the only place where you can access materials on every topic from game strategies to working with players and parents. You can also chat with any member of your association, and any member in any participating state!

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