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NHSBCA Wooden Legacy 2023 Winners By State

NHSBCA Wooden Legacy 2023 Winners By State


NHSBCA Announces the Recipients of the 
2023 John Wooden Legacy Award

March 2, 2023 
The National High School Basketball Coaches Association has teamed with the Wooden family to present an annual John Wooden Legacy Award to a boys and girls coach in each state. The recognition seeks to honor scholastic basketball coaches around the country who are educators and have achieved excellence on the floor, in the classroom and in the community that further embody the characteristics and legacy of Coach John Wooden. The criteria for this award are rooted in the ideals of Education, Longevity, Character, Service and Excellence.
National High School Basketball Coaches Association Inc. exists to will promote and enhance the professionof the high school basketball coach as well as scholastic basketball. For more information, please visit NHSBCA.org.
            Boys: TBA
             Girls:  TBA

     Boys: Buster Campbell, Riverside High School
Girls: Charlie Berry, Huntsville High School

            Boys: Larry Shelton, Downey High School
    Girls: Victoria Oganyan, Burbank High School

            Boys: Rudy Carey, Denver East High School
             Girls: Josh Ulitzky, Grandview High School

          Boys: Tim Criswell, Carrollton High School
Girls: Angie Hembree, Collins Hill High School, Norcross
          Boys: Robert Smith, Chicago Simeon High School
Girls: Evan Massey, Galesburg High School
                Boys: Jack Butcher, Loogootee High School
            Girls: Cinda Rice Brown, Rushville Consolidated High School
       Boys: Jim Eekhoff, Western Christian High School, Hull
         Girls: Tom Lily, Xavier High School, Cedar Rapids

         Boys: Tim Riley, Owensboro Catholic High School
Girls: Chris Stallings, Bullitt East High School
          Boys: Charles Smith, Peabody High School
            Girls: Kyle Jinks, Fairview High School

             Boys: I.J. Pinkham, Boothbay Regional High School
Girls: Rick Clark, York High School

     Boys: Herman Harried, Lake Clifton-Reach High School
         Girls: Rod Hairston, C.H. Flowers High School
             Boys: Rick Zoulek, Shelby High School
     Girls:  Kathy McGee, Powers Catholic High School
      Boys: Don “Skip” Dolan, Annandale High School
Girls: Wendy Kohler, Alexandria High School
      Boys: Denny Hunt, Kickapoo High School (and several others)
           Girls: Cori Elms, East Buchanan High School, DeKalb High School
             Boys: Paul Beranek, Ravenna High School
              Girls: Randy Carpenter, Lexington High School 
     New Hampshire
           Boys: Buddy Trask, Colebrook High School 
Girls: Tim Kehoe, Lebanon High School 
New Jersey
Boys: Nick Vier, Ramapo High School
Girls: Mary Klinger, Rutgers Prep
     New York:
     Boys: Bob Cimmino, Mount Vernon High School
      Girls: Gina Maher, Irvington High School

North Carolina
             Boys: Danny Anderson, South Caldwell High School
Girls: Sandra Langley, Southwest Edgecombe High School

          Boys: Harold "Doc" Daugherty, Euclid High School 
          Girls: Karen Wittrock, Lutheran West High School
            Boys: Craig Rothenberger, Junction City High School 
     Girls: Mardy Benedict, Lebanon High School 
             Boys: Ron Galbreath, Westminster College
             Girls: Mike Kopp, Allentown Central Catholic High School

Rhode Island
          Boys: Steve DeMeo, Shea High School
South Carolina
             Boys: John Smith, Great Falls High School 
        Girls: Taft Watson, Terrell's Bay High School
South Dakota
          Boys: Jim Noyes, Huron High School
Girls: Ron Determan, Colome High School

             Boys: Dexter Williams, Trinity Christian Academy
             Girls: John Wild, Summit High School

         Boys: Henry L. Thomas, Gainesville State School
          Girls: Christina Camacho, Judson HS

           Boys: JoJo Mesplie, Toppenish High School
             Girls: Dan Taylor, King's High School

    Boys: Bob Prenevost, Fair Haven Union High School
    Girls: Carl Serrani, West Rutland High School

           Boys: Jeff Boos, Sun Prairie High School
           Girls: Lora Staveness, Madison Edgewood High School

    Boys: Mike Daley- Big Horn High School
            Girls: Jim O’Connor- Sundance High School 

States not participating in this year’s process:

Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, 
Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico
North Dakota, Utah, Virginia and West Virginia


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