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2023 Indiana-Kentucky All Star Game News

*Keepers of the Hoosier Game*


I am writing to you as the Indiana All-Star director for the Indiana/Kentucky All-Star games. One of our state treasures, the Indiana/Kentucky All-Star game will be in the 83rd year this summer. Last year’s All-Star games saw the Indiana teams win 3 of 4 contests and both teams represented the state of Indiana in a quality fashion. After 3 years at Southport High School, the Indiana/Kentucky All-Star game will return to Gainbridge Fieldhouse in downtown Indianapolis. This is a big decision as money must be raised for the series to continue in the future. In going back to Gainbridge Fieldhouse this year, with rising costs, the All-Star game will be the most expensive in the history of the event. I hope this letter finds you well and you feel in your heart to give to this year’s All-Stars so they can have the same experiences that our past Hoosier greats have enjoyed over the past 80+ years.
The feelings I had in 1996 when I was chosen as the head coach of the Indiana All-Stars was one of my greatest honors! It was a tremendous experience that produced lifelong memories for me and the entire team. All of us, as past Indiana high school players, coaches, assistant coaches, and fans throughout the years have seen many memorable moments of Indiana high school basketball which have been forever etched in our memory.
This summer on June 9 and 10, 2023, the Indiana/ Kentucky All-Star game will be 83 years old. If you coached, played, or watched the past All-Star games from Southport HS, Bankers Life, Hinkle Fieldhouse, etc. the history is immense. The number of Division 1, NBA, and WNBA players who competed in this game are many! The first girls’ All-Star game with Judy Warren as Miss Basketball in 1976, the feats of Damon Bailey, George McGinnis, Oscar Robertson, and Louis Dampier created legends. Most people receiving this letter used Indiana basketball and the lessons from it to be the building blocks for many of their own personal success in life.
Besides the traditional Indiana/Kentucky All-Star game on the evening of June 10, 2023, at 5 and 7:30 PM, the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association is planning its first Indiana North vs Indiana South Futures game at 12:30 and 2:30 PM before the Indiana/Kentucky game starting at 5:00 PM. In the futures game will be the best freshman, sophomores, and Juniors in the state of Indiana.
Today’s society of social media, internet, and AAU teams, it is important that the game continue to succeed so future generations can have what many of us experienced in the past. I am hoping that some of you can see the vision many of us have as we are asking for your help financially to keep this game special for future Hoosiers. I know some of you are still involved in coaching, but for many of us these days have gone by. We are asking from past Indiana coaches, players, and fans the following donations to help our Junior and Senior All-Stars have a great week of preparation before the games this summer at Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Saturday, June 10. I want to personally thank all of you who donated to the All-Star game and have included in this mailing a sample of what was placed in the front of the 2022 game program of those who donated. As director, I am grateful to those who gave over the past 4 years, and it is my hope we can double the amount of people who will help donate for the 2023 All-Star event. Besides being in the All-Star program, you will receive the following perks.

The Indiana Basketball Coaches Association and All-Star Director are asking for the following donation amounts:

$125 donation – The Indiana All Star director will send you 2 ($20 tickets) to the All- Star game.

$275 donation – The Indiana All Star director will send you 2 ($20 tickets) and 2 polos to the All- Star game.

$500 donation – The Indiana All Star Director will send you 4 ($25 tickets) and a parking pass to the All- Star game, plus 2 All Star polos.

$1000 donation – The Indiana All-Star Director will send you 4($100 tickets) and a parking pass to the All -Star game, 2 All-Star polos and 4 VIP hospitality passes.

All checks can be made out to IBCA/All-Stars and sent to Michael Broughton, 5584 N Sandy Creek Drive Unit 1, Seymour, IN 47265.

Let us give this generation the same opportunities to compete that we had as past athletes, coaches, and fans. Any financial gains from the game in June will be donated to various charities in Indiana such as the Hall of Fame and Wounded Warriors scholarships. Come this summer and be part of the greatest high school All-Star game in the country! Go Indiana beat Kentucky!
Yours In Sports,

Michael Broughton, Indiana All-Star Games Director

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